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This Is CubeCrafts official Website!
Here you can find information about upcoming builds
Want to join? pop in game and speak to one of our staff!
Have Fun!

-Brad Owner of CubeCraft

Whats the difference between you and other Faction servers?

Theres quite a lot! here... read this!

We're a small community!
You might have been looking through some Server lists, found a server you like the sound of join and then 
are greeted with 70+ players in spawn, lagging your gameplay...
CubeCraft is the opposite, you will be greeted by  calm Lagg free gameplay and friendly members.

Some Rpg servers arent very Role playing despite their name...

CubeCraft has a nice modern society role taking adventure in which you can pop on down to
the casino, play some slots and afterwards grab a cold beer (Milk) at our bar!
We have many NPC's found around the game to enhance your experience...

Like to pvp?
Here at CubeCraft we let the players run lose out in the wilderness whether you want to Rack up your
kills and compete with your friends or join battlegrounds and capture flags, CubeCraft is the place for you.

Now... Stop reading and hop onto the server
You wont regret it!